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Who Where What?

Sploosh Media is a vibrant multimedia production company based in Manchester, Northwest. Since the beginning, we've grown in response to our customer satisfaction, and along the way have gained invaluable insight and experience which has secured our position as an industry preference.

Today our team includes specialists across Manchester & York, with an impressive portfolio featuring clients ranging from independent sellers to multi-chain retailers and international brands.

Our comprehensive range of services & packages makes us a one-stop-shop for brands, retailers and commercial stores; offering professional tailored solutions across platforms, including; branding & design, online & offline marketing, website design, application development & video production.

Print, Web & DigitalBranding & Graphic Design

Perhaps one the most essential considerations in marketing is maintaining a brand continuity across all platforms.

We believe a vibrant brand is key to captivating your audience… branding is a creative fusion & balance of elements, and through analysis of your mission and audience; we craft brand identities that give your business an accessible presence with continuity

Bespoke responsive CMS & Ecommerce
Website Design & Development

User experience & information architecture

Every site or application we build conforms to logical navigational and organisational paradigms. We leverage the user interface (UI) to deliver a strong user experience (UX) to the end user by utilizing techniques such as colour-coding, pattern repetition and easy-access. As a result all our sites and apps are sublimely usable by the user and great to look at.

All our sites and apps are built to maximise your specific goals. Our process aims to make the UI invisible to the user allowing them to quickly and easily achieve the tasks you direct them towards completing, whether that's making a purchase or giving your company a call.

Stability vs. innovation

Trying to innovate for innovations sake can be risky. We carefully weigh up the advantages of new technologies and techniques against their maturity and stability. Passion for exploring the cutting edge is at the core of our personality as an agency, but we make sure to temper our enthusiasm with the suitability of the tool for the respective task. It is through this delicate balance that we are able to create sites and applications that subtly push the frontiers of what is possible without sacrificing stability in the process.

Cross browser optimisation

Not all internet browsers are created equal. The BBC web team identifies over 200 significant browsers, and that figure is growing. Through a system of graceful degradation and progressive enhancement we make sure no matter what browser the end user is using their core experience remains the same. During development we test in the latest 2 versions of every major browser to ensure the site/web app performs well across the board.

Responsive design

Responsive Design is a set of design and development principles that make your site/application device agnostic. The site "responds" to the features of the device using it… for example; a site adjusting to the size of the screen, whether it uses a mouse or is a touch screen device.

Responsive Design is one of the core tenets of modern web design. Mobile internet usage is exploding and currently accounts for roughly 21% of all internet traffic in the UK. In addition to this, mobile users are very focused and objective-driven leading to very high conversions from mobile traffic. Failure to provide an optimal experience for this group of users is a terrible move for any business.

Website Hosting.

Secure, speedy, reliable and green hosting packages.

Our server data centre is with sterling green credentials. The operations are fully CO2-neutral, achieved by significant energy savings, the use of green energy, and investments in worldwide green projects - in cooperation with the Climate Neutral Group - carefully designed to restore the CO2 balance in the atmosphere and preserve our environment for future generations.

Android & iOS AppsApp Design & Development

Online & In-storeVideo Production

  • Pre production
  • Production
  • Post production

Audio Engineering & Sound Production

  • Sound design
  • Audio branding
  • Mixing
  • Mastering

Online & Offline

Amplify consumer experiences, audience engagement, brand awareness, lead generation, brand nurturing & increase purchases via bridging the gap between online and offline marketing.

40% of online searchers make a purchase after being influenced by an offline channel. 60% of people are highly likely to make a purchase based on offline word-of-mouth. 7% of word-of-mouth marketing occurs online.


We hand select the best processes from our repertoire to provide you with a fully bespoke marketing strategy and solution.

Working with you, we provide effective online and offline strategic marketing support at a cost-effective level that provides a strong return on investment... taking a fresh look at your business profile and ways in which brand awareness, communications and audience engagement can be achieved - analyzing media channels, price and budget points, and ways in which to optimize ROI.